5 tips and Tricks to Organize the Ultimate Bachelor Party

If you have been selected as the best man of a groom, you have a lot of responsibilities to accomplish. Actually, the most important task you're supposed to undertake is to organize an amazing bachelor party for your best friend.

Traditionally called gentlemen's dinner, a bachelor party is a party thrown for a man who in a few hours' or days' time, will quit bachelorhood and commence marriage life. In this party, the man together with his friends will be granted the last opportunity to do some activities which he may not do after tying the knot with his fiancée. The main purpose of this party is for the groom to relax have fun with his buddies and loved ones. Ideally, this party should involve men but sometimes, female strippers may be invited depending on the kind of party you would like to have.

Just like any other party, a bachelor party requires proper planning. Here are some tips and tricks you could use to have that successful bachelor party in Canada.

Bachelor Party Ideas Toronto

1. Choose a memorable party idea

This is the first step in planning for a buck's night for your best buddy. Remembering that this day will be the "last" day of ultimate fun and freedom, you should pick an idea or rather an activity that will ultimately amaze him. The following are some ideas to choose from;

*Strip Party- Bachelor parties have long been known to be a night of naughtiness and drunkenness. I know the idea of having strippers in the party may seem weird. Actually, some people completely dislike this idea and choose to forgo it completely. But, believe you me, it can be a very good idea for the "naughty types". However, you should decide with the groom. If he doesn't mind, you can either choose to hire strippers to come over or have the party in a strip club. If you choose the latter, there are many strip clubs available throughout Canada. If you want your party in Toronto, there are many to choose such as The Red Light, The Brass Rail among others. Just do your research to find the best club.

*Sports Day- Another perfect idea is a sporting event, as this is a sure way for guys to bond. Think about organizing a sport tournament. It can be golf, tennis, baseball, basketball, football, volleyball, or soccer. Make sure to prepare an after-event, like food and drinks session, sure fire way to end a perfect bachelor party. However, this is not a perfect idea if the groom-to-be is not athletic. Although, he could be a fan of a sport so buying out tickets for you guys to watch a game of his favorite sport can be a good idea.

There are many places in Canada where you can hold sporting events. These can be places like golf clubs. Choose a club like Sherwood Golf and Country Club in Chester, N.S. to play golf with the groom and his friends.

*Outdoor Events- This can be another good idea for a bachelor party in Canada. Think about a road trip in Calgary, camping in the woods, trail hiking, hunting, water rafting, wakeboarding, bungee jumping, parasailing, snowboarding and all other adventurous, death-defying activities. Instead of having those conventional strip parties, why not try these unforgettable deeds. At the end of the adrenaline-rich activity, make sure you head out for some boy bonding with some beer to share talks, stories and jokes about wedding and marriage with the groom to be.

* Spa day- You thought spa days are for ladies? Actually, a spa day can work very well. It will give the groom and his friends an opportunity to relax while getting rubbed by the beautiful ladies in a spar. There many spas to choose from in Canada. Some of these spas offer more than massage services. They have relaxation lounges, gyms, and pools where you can organize a pool party. Inspirations Spa in Old Quebec City is an excellent choice. Others include Queen St E in Toronto, Spa Utopia in Vancouver.

2. Determine the guests

After you've chosen a good party idea, you have to determine who will attend the party so that you prepare the guest list. Find out from the groom-to-be the people he would like to invite. You will have to invite people who will be comfortable with your party idea. Confirm also from the groom whether he would like a big group or just his loved ones to attend. It is very important to consult with the groom because you would not like to leave out anyone or invite people he isn't comfortable with.

3. Ask about the day or time

You should know when to hold the party. Also, you should consult with the groom about the dates which will best work for him. If you want it a surprise, consult with other friends. You should consider a day when most of the guests will be available. About the time, the groom may choose to have it in the afternoon or night. When you have planned for the day and time, give an early notice to every guest, like a month's time, so that they too set time for this big day.

4. Consider the Cost

You don't want to break anyone's bank! You should budget very well for the party so that the costs will suit everyone. If you need cash contributions from your friends, level it to an amount everyone is comfortable with. But if you're organizing the party in a place like a restaurant like Enoteca Sociale in Toronto, you may let your friends choose how much they will spend on the foods and drinks instead of having a fixed menu price.

5. Let it be unique

You want to plan a party that your soon-to-be married friend will admire and never forget. If budget allows, plan something unique and different from what has been there. You may secretly consult with the bride-to-be so that you can have a clue of what his fiancé likes. Choose a unique theme of the party including a unique dressing code for the guests, if necessary. You want a memorable event that will keep lingering in his mind forever.

In Conclusion

A bachelor party is a big day for a groom. As his best man, you don't want to disappoint him. Organize a rocking event that he will never forget.

April 11, 2017
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