Interview with a Wedding Planner - Fantasy Weddings and Events, Aurora Ontario.

A wedding is a memorable event. Every bride wants the perfect wedding, It is a bride-to-be's dream. Planning for a wedding is not easy and simple. Hiring a wedding planner can make this less stressing and manageable. We interviewed Samantha Ferazzoli, founder of Fantasy Wedding and Events, Aurora to shed some insight on wedding planning.

Interview with a wedding planner


1) What inspired you to become a wedding planner?

I was always struggling with what I wanted to do in my life. I never found something I felt true enjoyment and satisfaction doing. I have been working in recreation for over 10 years, in that time I began to develop and gain further skills in event planning. I began to feel a sense of excitement coming to work! I began to think... How can I further grow this experience? At the same time I was asking this question, I was preparing to be married myself. The excitement I had planning my own! To have that every day for someone else, to allow another bride to feel the way I did! I knew this was what I needed to add to my portfolio, and to make me truly happy with my career choice.


2) Why couples should hire a Wedding Planner?

First and foremost a wedding is a very exciting time, but it is also a very stressful one. Some people underestimate how much time they need to effectively plan a wedding! Between constant contact with vendors, getting appropriate head counts, continuous payment appointments, bridal shower preparation, stags, guest list creation, seating plan decor! Someone working full time, along with trying to handle all that! It can be stressful and overwhelming and it may not longer feel like the bride is enjoying what should be the most exciting time of her life! That is what we are here for! to help fit wedding planning back into your lifestyle and taking the constant contact stress off the table. Even if it is day of planning only! No one has to worry about the vendors or any mishaps except the planner! You enjoy your day! You live your fantasy!


3) How many weddings have you planned?

I have planned over 10 weddings, and many bachelor parties, bridal showers, and stags.

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4) Is hiring a wedding planner, increases the expense?

Hiring a wedding planner may seem like an expense, however it can also lower the expense of your vendors. By partnering with vendors, those vendors coming from referrals may give you a discount. So you pay in one place, but will save in another!


5) How you help customers choose their vendors?

I carefully select the vendors I choose to work with based on experience and price range. I ensure they all offer differentiating packages to provide variety to my clients that can fit within their budget. I find out what my clients budget is prior to introducing them to vendors, and match vendor to client accordingly.

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6) What is your advice to bride and grooms?

The biggest advice I can give to bride and grooms is to not let the stress of planning take a toll on your relationship, many couples find disagreements by trying to please each other's families, and trying to incorporate what they both want at the same time. Always remember that it is the two of you in the end. If you are both adamant on putting both family values and wants into a wedding, a wedding planner can assist you in meeting your families needs without sacrificing your own.

The biggest piece of advice! Take "day offs" from wedding planning. Give yourself a night where you do not talk about anything wedding related! Enjoy the conversations you had prior! Do not let wedding planning consume your relationship! It is a year of excitement!


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April 28, 2017
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