A Bride's Guide to the Different Wedding Gown Styles

A wedding ceremony is the biggest event for a couple which gives them an opportunity to have the most wonderful time in their lifetime. It is an event which fascinates everyone especially the bride who is usually the most beautiful woman in the event. In this big event, all eyes are on the couple as they walk down the aisle showing their deep love for each other.

To make this day memorable, the bride spends countless hours or days browsing the web or moving from one store to another to find the best wedding gown for her body. She knows that a perfect choice of wedding dress is what will make her the most special, elegant, and beautiful woman in the ceremony. 

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Unfortunately, the process of choosing the best silhouette which will flaunt the most flattering features of your body is quite overwhelming. This is because bridal gowns come in different styles so that they can suit every body shape. Some wedding gown styles are able to highlight certain body features while others conceal certain parts. 

To help you choose the best wedding dress for you, the following are the most common types of wedding gowns available in the market.

1. Ball Gown

Also known as the Cinderella wedding dress, a ball gown is a perfect choice for brides who want to have a traditional wedding. You can easily identify this bridal gown by its unique shape which takes a form of a pear. It has a fitted bodice and flares out from the hips to form a full skirt making it ideal for many body types. 

If you have a pear shaped body, you will surely fall in love with this wedding dress as it will perfectly fit you and make you curvier and more attractive. Ball gowns can also suit brides with hour glass, inverted triangle or apple body types. However, if you have a petite body type, you will not like this dress as its full skirt will be too overwhelming for you.

Ball Gown - Bridal Gown, Wedding Dresses

2. Column Gown

If you are a curvy bride-to-be, you don’t have to read this article further since this wedding dress is the best choice for you. It will give you an opportunity to show off your sexy curves making you the most beautiful woman on your big day. This silhouette exactly follows your body lines and doesn’t flare out like the ball gown. If you are petite or sleek body disqualifies you from wearing a ball gown, do not be disappointed anymore as this dress will fit you perfectly. For hour glass body types, this dress will also be great.

However, if you have a pear-shaped body, you better go for the ball gown as this silhouette will not favor your body. It will make you feel completely unbalanced.

column gown, bridal gown, wedding gown

3. Mermaid Gown

Mermaid gowns are made in such a way that they will fit your body up to the knees but flares out below the knees. Now, if you think you have big curvy hips, why not show them off by wearing this silhouette? This dress is surely the best for curvy hour glass figures. However, if you’re a plus size woman or have an apple body type, a column gown will not accommodate your extra inches. Avoid this dress also if you don’t want tight dresses.

Mermaid Wedding Gown, Mermaid Bridal Gown

4. The A-line Gown

You can easily guess the shape of this dress by its name. It takes an “A” shape by being narrow at the top and flaring out along the body to the ground. The A-line gown has fitted bodice and is a great silhouette for almost all body types. It is a classic dress which is simply designed so that you can wear it on either a traditional or modern wedding. If you have a larger lower body or a larger bust, this dress will be more suitable for you.

The most interesting part about this dress is that it can be easily customized on the waistline, neckline or even fabric to clearly show off your best features or hide the “bad” ones. Today, this dress has been modified to fit your body closer than the traditional style. 

5. Trumpet Gown

A trumpet gown resembles a trumpet. Like the mermaid, this dress will perfectly fit your body while showing off your curves. It takes the shape of a modified A-line by flaring out from mid-thigh to the ground. This is the best dress which will outline your curves while allowing you to walk easily in it. 

Trumpet gowns will fit perfectly for those brides with small waists. It is suitable for hour glass, banana or petite figures. If you have a boxy, apple or apple body type, you should avoid this dress unless you want to accentuate your hip area or stomach.

6. Drop Waist Gown

By its name, you can easily imagine how this dress looks like. This wedding gown drops from your waist and flares out just below your waistline. It is a dress which will hug your waist and hips allowing you to flaunt your trim shape and middle. For people with boxy figures, you will want to avoid this dress as it will hide your curves.

7. Tea Length and Mini Gowns

These are the last gowns for short dress lovers who don’t want dresses with touch the ground. Tea length is a short dress falling somewhere between the ankle and the knee. If you want to show off your hot yummy thighs and legs, go for mini gowns which fall above the knees. Tea length gowns are ideal for all body types while mini gowns are perfect for banana type bodies. If you are a plus size lady, do not try mini gowns. They will make you feel uncomfortable.

These are the most common types of weddings dresses you will find in the market. We advise you to try wearing different dresses to see which will perfectly fit your body without compromising your comfort. A good choice will make your wedding day amazing and you will be the most stunning woman attracting everyone’s’ attention. 

April 24, 2017
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