Green Wedding: Tips for an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Green Wedding Tips - Outdoor Wedding

Green weddings are all the rage these days. As more people realize the impact of pollution on the environment, they decide to decrease their carbon footprint in any way they can. The best thing about environmentally-friendly weddings is that they are just as stylish as traditional weddings – but devoid of the waste. If you’re eco-conscious and are looking to throw a nature-friendly wedding, draw inspiration from these tips.

Avoid Paper Invites

Paper Wedding Invitation - Canada, Toronto, Vancouver

Countless trees are chopped down every year to manufacture paper products. The process of creating these products impacts the environment negatively. Make an eco-conscious choice and avoid paper altogether. Invite guests via email and set up a wedding web page to notify people about your upcoming nuptials. If you feel that email isn’t formal enough, use recycled paper products. You can also get cards made from sustainable resources like bamboo and cotton.

Choose a Green Venue

A venue sets the tone for a wedding and is a major decision for most wedding couples. But conventional settings such as fancy resorts and ballrooms use a lot of electricity, water, and other products in order to pull off these elegant shindigs. Pick an outdoor wedding venue that does not require a lot of electricity and running water. If you prefer an indoor wedding, choose one venue for the ceremony and reception. This way, people won’t have to travel from one place to another, increasing fuel emissions. You can also choose a venue with a lot of natural light so you don’t have to turn on the lights.

Get a Pre-Worn Wedding Dress

No question about it, your wedding dress is the centerpiece of your wedding. But a lot of fabric is wasted when new dresses are made, and some fabrics are made with electricity. Why not wear your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dress? Ask a seamstress to make adjustments to make it uniquely yours. If you are not for that idea, find a designer who makes dresses from sustainable fabrics.

Give Nature-Friendly Favors

Even the most practical favors are thrown out by guests. In addition, some fabrics, plastics, and metals used to package favors are not kind to the environment. To say thank you to your guests, give them edible favors like jam or honey. Pack them in glass containers and buy locally to save gas. Your guests can reuse the containers afterwards. You can also give guests seeds to plants or potted plants they can use in their homes. 

An eco-friendly wedding is a fashionable way to save earth. As you celebrate tying the knot, Mother Nature will also celebrate. Use the above ideas to lower your impact on the planet on your big day.

January 11, 2016
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