How to choose the Perfect Wedding Cake

Choosing a wedding cake may seem easy, but it can be a difficult task. There are many things to consider and it’s easy to get overwhelmed especially if you don’t know where to start. In order to make great decisions, you need to be more informed. The following wedding tips will help you to choose the best possible cake.

1) Choose a Reputable Bakery

A simple way to choose a bakery is by searching online. Visit the websites of different bakeries and check their work. Look at their photos and check online reviews to get feedback from other couples. A bakery with good feedback and a nice selection of cakes is an excellent choice. However, don’t stop your search there. Visit the bakery in person to meet the staff. Make sure you see images of cakes they’ve previously made to avoid any surprises. 

2) Consider the Design

Tiered white wedding cakes are a thing of the past. These days, many brides incorporate their color scheme into the wedding cake. Others match their wedding jewelry to the cake adornments. Cake specialists can replicate rubies, pearls, and even diamonds. They can also create custom cakes to go with themed weddings. Look for a cake expert who specializes in the type of cake you want. For example, get a chocolate expert if you want a chocolate wedding cake.

3) Taste the Cake before Ordering

Cake tasting is crucial as it helps you to make an informed decision. Before you order the cake, arrange for tasting. A cake might look good on the computer but taste completely awful. Additionally, flavors vary according to how the cake is made. If your cake has many flavors, taste all of them. It is important for the cake to taste as good as it looks. Also keep in mind that fruit cake is the best option if you want a cake that will taste great months after the wedding.

4) Know Your Budget

Tell the cake designer your budget so he can work on realistic ideas. Cake adornments such as lace points, chocolate-molded flowers, and marzipan fruits are the most expensive elements of the cake. These can be translated in different ways if you are on a budget. You can replace a floral cascade or piped lace with blocks of color or a large sugar flower.
Your wedding cake should not be a glaring sideshow; it should be a part of the wedding. Use these wedding tips to choose the cake of your dreams. You can rest assured that your guests will remember your wedding day for all the right reasons. 
February 23, 2015
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