The Best Winter Wedding Color Themes

Best winter wedding color themes

The wedding colors you choose can make or break your wedding. Colors play a big role in a wedding as they set the tone for everything else. They determine the flowers you choose, the bridesmaid dresses, and other design elements. If you want to make your wedding stand out, choose one of these winter wedding color schemes.

Wedding Table Decoration Green and White

Green and White

If you want a simple, classic look, go for these neutral colors. You can choose white roses and calla lilies for your wedding bouquet. The leaves and stems will add a dash of green. Mixing different types of white flowers creates a striking monochromatic look. You can float cut flowers, succulents, and votive candles in bowls of water for elegant centerpieces.

Silver and Icy Blue

If you want a winter wonderland theme, this is the palette for you. You can emphasize winter’s beauty by choosing ice blue dresses for your bridesmaids and silver accessories for yourself. Pick ice blue accessories for the groom to make him stand out. Decorate tables with icy blue centerpieces, tableware, tablecloths, and napkins. Ice blue napkin rings and utensil pockets are also stunning. Add charm to the décor with blue flowers, candles, and chair decorations. Impress your guests with an ice blue cake and desserts.

Purple Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

Red, Purple and Dark Pink

Red is a spectacular color, the color of love and passion. That’s why it is a top choice for winter weddings. Choose different shades of the color for your wedding. In a bouquet, the colors will explode against a white wedding gown. Choose red shoes, accessories, and red dresses for your bridesmaids. Be careful not to go overboard when using red shades as they look better when used sparingly.

Light Pink and Gold

This wedding theme is delicate in every way. The combination is ideal for both weddings and bridal showers. The colors blend perfectly and create a great impression. Light pink bridesmaids dresses look magnificent and you can finish the look with gold accessories. Select light pink tablecloths and gold table runners to add a romantic touch to your wedding. Complement them with light pink centerpieces and gold tableware.

From classic shades to bold reds, there are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing wedding colors. Whether you want a sophisticated wedding or a bold party, colors can help you to tell your story. Draw inspiration from these winter wedding color schemes and make your wedding the talk of the town.


September 24, 2015
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